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Biomarkers of Nutrition for Development (BOND) Program

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The NICHD, in collaboration with partners representing the breadth of the global food and nutrition enterprise created the BOND Program to meet the growing need for discovery, development, and implementation of reliable and valid biomarkers to assess nutrient exposure, status, function, and effect.

A primary goal of the BOND project is to harmonize the processes for making decisions about what biomarkers are best for use in support of research, program development and evaluation, and generation of evidence-based policy.

Through an interactive process of evidence translation into best application, BOND Program leaders anticipate that a research agenda will evolve to provide further support for the discovery, development, and use of biomarkers for all essential nutrients.

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Relevant Publications

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Please note: The BOND Program does not currently have any Funding Opportunity Announcements (FOAs), such as a Request for Application (RFA), or other solicitation associated with it. Those who wish to apply for an NIH research grant can do so using the Parent Announcements (for unsolicited applications). When a BOND-specific FOA is published, it will be posted on this Web site.

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